Waitlist Process


The waitlist process functions automatically through the self-service student portal. Neither the Registrar’s Office or individual deans’ offices will monitor waitlists.

A student on a course waitlist will only have the option to web register after receiving the email from the waitlist site –and must take action to register for the class within 24 hours or lose the opportunity to register.

If selecting a waitlist option for any course,monitor your Rockhurst email account closely so as not to miss your waitlist notification.


If a course is waitlisted the student will see the option to be put on the waitlist. It will also tell them how many are already on the waitlist.

Once a spot becomes available, the student will receive an email fromwaitlist@rockhurst.edu. This email notifies the student they may now register for their waitlisted class. See the below example:

You previously put yourself on the waitlist for 10180 CD 2525 Human Communication Disorders .

A seat has now opened up in this class - if you still want to enroll in this class please go into your self-service registration portal to register for the class.

  • Note: You must complete this registration within 24 hours from receipt of this email. If you do not register for this class within 24 hours, you will be automatically removed from the waitlist and the seat will open to the next student on the list.
  • Note: You will receive no further notifications regarding your waitlist request for this course. If you have questions, please contact waitlist@rockhurst.edu.